Saturday, 25 June 2011 7 bands with body parts in their names

  1. Elbow
  2. The Flaming Lips
  3. Finger Eleven
  4. Bat for Lashes
  5. Tapping the Vein
  6. Talking Heads
  7. Kidneythieves

Friday, 24 June 2011 7 facts about the Great Fire of London

As this is post 1666, here are 7 facts about the tragic events of London 1666

  1. The fire started at Thomas Farrier's bakery on Pudding Lane
  2. The fire destroyed 70000 of the cities 80000 inhabitants homes
  3. Amazingly only 6 deaths were recorded, although there were probably many more that weren't recorded amongst the poor and middle-classes
  4. The heat from the fire melted the iron locks and chains of the city gates
  5. The fire burned for 4 days straight
  6. The fire eventually burned itself out when it reached the stone walls of the city
  7. After the fire Christopher Wren designed 51 churches, including St Paul's to replace ones destroyed in the blaze

Thursday, 23 June 2011 7 things I've learned to do since having a bicycle

  1. Replace a gear cable
  2. Replace both sets of brakes
  3. Remove and replace the gear cogs
  4. Fix wobbly handlebars
  5. Change the gear ratios
  6. Repair an inner-tube
  7. Replace an inner-tube after the repair failed

Wednesday, 22 June 2011 7 active DNS public root zones

If you don't know what a root zone is you can find out more information here

  1. Public-Root
  2. OpenNIC
  3. Qnect
  4. 42registry
  6. UnifiedRoot
  7. Global-Anycast

Tuesday, 21 June 2011 7 amazing things that have been witnessed in our gardens

  1. The discovery of a Japanese Crested Iris in the garden
  2. The ladybird pupa monsters metamorphosing
  3. Mottle, the Blackbird nicking some cat-food that we leave out for the hedgehog
  4. Sherman the Wood Pigeon falling in the pond
  5. Pretty, the Duck knocking on the patio window with her beak to point out the the dish on the patio was out of seed
  6. The Lazarus rose that has flowered in the front garden after it was unsuccessfully uprooted and moved to the back garden
  7. Red Kites swooping down to take food from the plinth we built for them

Monday, 20 June 2011 7 chocolate-coated marshmallow treats

  1. Chocolate Teacakes - UK
  2. MallowPuffs - New Zealand
  3. Besos de Moza (Kiss of a Girl) - Peru
  4. Whippets - Canada
  5. Schokokuss (Chocolate Kiss)- Germany
  6. Mohrenköpfe (Moor's Heads) - Switzerland
  7. Flødebolle (Cream Bun) - Denmark

Sunday, 19 June 2011 7 recent artworks by the Errant Artist

Check out both her blogs at The Errant Artist and Ten Thousand Things. Well worth the visit.
Cosmic Cephalopod
Building Blocks
Hunter's Retreat
The Room