Saturday, 1 November 2008 7 things that made getting a bed from Ikea more complicated

  1. The weather: Pitch black, pouring with rain and strong winds
  2. The drive: 50 minute drive to MK in the above weather
  3. Treasure hunt: Getting the bed we wanted wasn't a simple self serve affair and involved finding a member of staff to print out an order
  4. Finding our bed: The bed was in the full serve collection warehouse, half a mile away from Ikea, with a very dodgy map and directions from Ikea
  5. The car: One half of the back seat drop panel won't go down at all, meaning less room to manoeuvre things in the boot/back seat
  6. The fit: The boxes were too large to fit in the car, so we had to de-pack them to fit all the pieces in
  7. The passenger seat: Even de-packed, Bekie had to push her seat fully forward and upright so here nose was almost pressed against the windscreen


elephino said...

And they say Ikea is easy...Plus you still need to put it together :)

P.S. You should have borrowed my dad's car like we did when we went to Ikea.

Gaiaspawn said...

Borrowing your Dad's car would have added an additional complication, but thank him for the offer :D

elephino said...

Only sort of. If we ignore that the car is on a different continent, it would have made transportation much easier as it's a Subaru Forester.