Saturday, 6 December 2008 7 things to name (guest edition)

Another 7 things to name, this time even I don't know what they are ;) Thanks to Elephino for this weeks submission :D


adoodleaday said...

1. Cork Mat
2. Logo on a T-Shirt
3. Fluffy slipper with a velcro fastening
4. Wheel Arch
5. Speaker on a TV
6. Aircon dial
7. Fur Beanie

elephino said...

One and a half.
But they are deliberately difficult :)

Gaiaspawn said...

1. Digestive Biscuit
2. No idea!
3. Formula 1 Towel
4. MotoGP Trophy
5. Speaker on a TV
6. Egg Timer
7. Teddy Bear

elephino said...

3 for you, gaiaspawn.

1. Arnotts Milk Arrowroot biscuit, blended (might be called a digestive)
2. Johnnie Walker Blue Label box
3. Stuffed FedEx airplane (didn't think anyone would even be close on this one)
4. Tissot MotoGP watch
5. Speaker on a TV
6. Heater dial
7. Teddy bear (named Howard)