Wednesday, 21 January 2009 7 winds

  1. Bentu de Soli - An east wind on the coast of Sardinia
  2. Mistral - A cold dry wind which blows from the north over the north-west coast of the Mediterranean Sea
  3. Willy-Willy - A tropical cyclone in the south west of Australia
  4. Suestado - A storm with south-easterly gales off the coasts of Argentina and Uraguay
  5. Squamish - A strong wind occurring in many of the fjords of British Columbia
  6. Levanto - A hot south-easterly wind which blows over the Canary Islands
  7. Knik Wind - A strong south-easterly wind in the region of Palmer in Alaska


elephino said...

More Winds:
(VW) Golf
(VW) Polo
(VW) Passat
(VW) Bora
(VW) Scirocco

And the Fremantle Doctor - a regular westerly wind that comes over Perth in the afternoons.

elephino said...

Oh and I'd like to know where you got your info from - last I looked, a willy-willy was a small whirlwind that moves fast across land. Usually full of dust and only last a few minutes.

Apart from anything else, not sure how you get a tropical cyclone in south west Australia.

Gaiaspawn said...

Willy-willy: A tropical cyclone (with winds 33 knots or greater) in Australia, especially in the southwest. More recent common usage is for dust-devils."

Ref: Glossary of Weather and Climate, American Meteorological Society (December 1996) [ISBN-13 978-1878220196] :P

elephino said...

The south-west part still gets me. When you hit the south-west, it's no longer a tropical area so would it therefore not just be a cyclone? :)