Saturday, 17 January 2009 777 things I've done since starting this blog

Today marks the 777th list on my blog, so to celebrate here is a list of 777 things!

  1. Came up with the dumb idea of doing 777 things for my 777th post
  2. Got a new job
  3. Got rid of our server
  4. Bought shoes
  5. Made coffee
  6. Bought a yearly season ticket to Euston
  7. Completed a competition cryptic crossword
  8. Shouted at the neighbours
  9. Stopped 2 guys from racing their remote control cars in the car park
  10. Discovered a whole pile of books we didn't know we owned
  11. Saw the devil
  12. Boxed up junk to move
  13. Emptied the loft
  14. Got 3 new penguins
  15. Photographed all our Smurfs
  16. Spent Christmas day at my Brother's
  17. Got 2 new mobile phones
  18. Bought an iPod Nano
  19. Learnt Flex
  20. Started learning Italian
  21. Opened a Facebook account
  22. Discovered I like photographing insects
  23. Learnt how important bumble bees are
  24. Did an occasional cache
  25. Went to a wedding
  26. Made new friends
  27. Became re-acquainted with old friends
  28. Stayed in the Sleazy Salmon
  29. Discovered a passion for spinach
  30. Learnt to roll deli wraps
  31. Contributed in the creation of a feather tree
  32. Bought a new computer
  33. Locked myself out of the flat
  34. Broke a window
  35. Repaired a window properly
  36. Saw a solicitor
  37. Opened 2 savings accounts
  38. Handled a woodlouse
  39. Feed 14 Shetland sheep
  40. Got invited for a free pizza by our local Italian restaurant owner
  41. Spent almost a month without running hot water
  42. Became a connoisseur of cheese
  43. Learnt how to spell connoisseur
  44. Had a parking ticket revoked
  45. Phoned the police about alarms going off
  46. Got over my fear of ice skating (by ice skating)
  47. Drove a Landrover blindfolded
  48. Missed my stop on the train
  49. Went to the ballet
  50. Resigned as a director
  51. Got stuck in a car wash
  52. Read 'Gaia' by Robin Lovelock
  53. Got album covers for all our digital music files
  54. Tracked green nail varnish down to a small shop in Covent Garden
  55. Got asked if I work for High Wycombe council
  56. Viewed other people's houses
  57. Perfected the Maretti
  58. Saw Mel Smith in London
  59. Scored over 500 points in Scrabble
  60. Broke the steering on the car
  61. Saw a white stag
  62. Got told to stop taking photographs on top of a multi-story car park
  63. Nearly got electrocuted
  64. Won a tie
  65. Became the biggest brain
  66. Discovered that standing on the 09 makes me feel sick
  67. Been sued
  68. Acquired two sunshine buddies
  69. Learned how to make Yorkshire Puddings
  70. Watered the flowers
  71. Scootered around the office
  72. Played pass the parcel
  73. Ate some candy sticks
  74. Visited an Italian market
  75. Bought a new camera
  76. Acquired more than a dozen new dictionaries
  77. Learnt Photoshop CS3
  78. Got a number of cat scratches
  79. Ate chilli chocolate
  80. Bought a cappuccino maker
  81. Tracked down the cheapest Red Bull in Lambeth
  82. Suffered an Illy fountain
  83. Gave a presentation on Google Analytics
  84. Photoshopped my bosses hair by request
  85. Took the Myres Briggs test
  86. Completely removed our dependency on plastic bags
  87. Started composting
  88. Learnt about transformational management
  89. Watched Pepa Pig
  90. Watched the Night Garden
  91. Got shouted at by a Muntjak Deer
  92. Danced
  93. Solved a maths problem on the first lady's blouse
  94. Watched the land flood
  95. Bought an oyster card
  96. Had my car windscreen replaced
  97. Visited Eden
  98. Went to Montgomery
  99. Reversed into a rotten fence post
  100. Decided not to use the rusty bbq
  101. Visited Montgomery castle
  102. Watched a mollusc disappear under the skirting board
  103. Slept on a far too soft bed
  104. Fell asleep in the sun
  105. Discovered the car's air cooling fan doesn't work
  106. Bought a new scanner
  107. Dropped a pyrex dish full of boiling oil at my feet
  108. Drew a venn diagram
  109. Moved office
  110. Invented a system of organizing music by shape
  111. Phoned Virgin Media
  112. Changed ISP
  113. Got a tax rebate
  114. Taught 3 colleagues how to create XML documents
  115. Threw away a down duvet after the cat was sardine sick on it
  116. Learnt how to tie a bow tie
  117. Haggled over house prices
  118. Sung
  119. Whinged at Waitrose about light pollution
  120. Watch someone throwing a cake out of a window
  121. Texted a phone number that some girl kept shouting out in the street
  122. Inhaled fire
  123. Watched a neighbour's restaurant burn down
  124. Bought a little alien
  125. Received a new car stereo
  126. Signed up to Twitter
  127. Wore a stocking on my head
  128. Got accused of having an ulterior motive
  129. Learnt how to configure Cisco firewalls
  130. Had a abysmal Sunday roast at a carvery
  131. Was described as 'Abstract'
  132. Ruined several song lyrics
  133. Stroked a cow
  134. Had a fever
  135. Threw a snow-ball
  136. Visited the psychedelic shack
  137. Bought an Etch-a-sketch from Hamleys
  138. Formulated an escape route from London
  139. Used Non-Euclidean geometry
  140. Spread the word about CAPS
  141. Saw Anubis
  142. Finished Psychonauts
  143. Discovered hundreds of spider mites in our bathroom
  144. Decided I still don't like courgettes
  145. Got a corn on my toe
  146. Got a piece of glass stuck in my hand
  147. Had a hard-disk die on me
  148. Found a full sized spacecraft in a field
  149. Prepared the cat's auto-feeder
  150. Visited the Longwick fete
  151. Saw a golden eagle
  152. Went to the dentist
  153. Learned how to make a May Day garland
  154. Found a dog training school
  155. Met a Golden Retriever that liked to chew stones
  156. Fixed the ball-cock and valve on our toilet
  157. Learnt some Tai Chi
  158. Checked the news
  159. Made a salad dressing
  160. Learnt about recycling box collections in Crowell
  161. Discovered that our car horn doesn't work any more
  162. Made Pilau rice
  163. Made Chicken Provencale with Dijon potatoes
  164. Tried Red Bull Cola
  165. Scored a combined score of over 1000 in Scrabble
  166. Gained an understanding of the plea of temporary insanity
  167. Bought a house
  168. Relocated a false-widow spider
  169. Hired a van
  170. Moved to Longwick
  171. Cycled to the station
  172. Stained a bookcase
  173. Bought a yearly season ticket to Marylebone
  174. Unboxed junk after the move
  175. Bought a sideboard
  176. Ate plantains
  177. Changed the locks
  178. Bought a half moon edging tool
  179. Fed the birds
  180. Commented on a blog
  181. Discovered an eating apple tree in Ashridge
  182. Stroked the cat
  183. Fitted a cat flap
  184. Replaced a light switch
  185. Plumbed in a washing machine
  186. Saw the Mona Lisa and was underwhelmed
  187. Went on a treasure hunt around Paris
  188. Bought 12 bottles of water from Starbucks
  189. Replaced a cooker
  190. Walked from Marylebone to Waterloo
  191. Visited the Apple store
  192. Phoned out the AA
  193. Bought a Nabaztag wireless rabbit
  194. Found Ikea in Milton Keynes
  195. Decided on a lamp, changed our mind, and then bought a different lamp
  196. Fed a pill to the cat wrapped in cheese
  197. Witnessed the cat growling at some dogs at the vet
  198. Got a milkman
  199. Refilled a lighter
  200. Tried 'Red Devil' cheese
  201. Replaced over 1000 Watts of light bulbs with Eco bulbs (in our new home)
  202. Emulated a Sega Genesis on my phone
  203. Saw Pete Waterman in Waterloo
  204. Repaired a table with a walnut
  205. Went to my brother's 40th birthday bash
  206. Scoured antique shops
  207. Gained/became a stalker!
  208. Discovered Thame on foot
  209. Created a Web Mapping Server
  210. Bought a new TV
  211. Met our new neighbours
  212. Got to grips with the Wycombe district recycling schedule
  213. Made bread
  214. Bought some recliner sofas
  215. Had our radiators checked by British Gas
  216. Watched a crow carry a chicken wing onto our neighbour's roof
  217. Got a Blockbuster card
  218. Turned our nose up at Sainsbury's in Aylesbury
  219. Found an organic veg company that delivers every fortnight
  220. Shopped online with Ocado
  221. Visited our local chippy
  222. Burnt some CDs
  223. Got some bean chairs
  224. Discovered our cat now has epilepsy due to a cat fight
  225. Cleaned a mirror with Cilit Bang
  226. Serviced my bike
  227. Watched 'Top Gear'
  228. Carried a rucksack
  229. Finished several 'Super Fiendish' Sudoku
  230. Made a home made curry from scratch
  231. Ran for the train
  232. Bought a retro-phone
  233. Sourced a phreaking box
  234. Walked along the Phoenix Trail from home
  235. Found a good kitchen shop
  236. Successfully created a Java web service
  237. Invented the Springbok event
  238. Bought 2 Sicilian lemon cheesecakes
  239. Bought a new bed
  240. Had to de-package the bed to fit it in the car
  241. Scraped a dolphin off the tiles
  242. Rode on a double decker metro train
  243. Found a new route to Aylesbury
  244. Cleaned the windows
  245. Signed up to
  246. Learnt the Pictometry API
  247. Bought a new Spoonzilla
  248. Received some plants from our neighbours
  249. Were able to unpack all our books
  250. Mowed the lawn
  251. Brought composting home from work
  252. Cracked my helmet
  253. Bought some french incense
  254. Laughed at Alistair Darling
  255. Signed up to the Waitrose "Blip Blip" in Thame
  256. Raked the leaves
  257. Saw the cat fall down the stairs and was powerless to stop it
  258. Sent back countless pieces of mail addressed to the previous owner of our house
  259. Went to the Debenham's Sale
  260. Was told by a child that I had left my lights on my bike (switched on)
  261. Came home from work to find our Graham had changed colour
  262. Changed a white handle for a wooden one
  263. Realized that 777 is a big number!
  264. Blew up an air bed
  265. Worried about Mary
  266. Watched 'The Mist'
  267. Watched the mist
  268. Made soup
  269. Sneezed on the cat
  270. Picked up some Alsatian poo from the end of our drive
  271. Argued against using a Hedgehog as our company mascot
  272. Blew a bugle
  273. Implemented a drinks fridge
  274. Watched a sunrise
  275. Wrote a OSGB to WGS84 conversion object
  276. Read a book on Feng Shui
  277. Filled the shed with photographic developing equipment
  278. Used the only shop in the village
  279. Bought a blow up bath pillow
  280. Cycled in the snow
  281. Talked about buying an Audi before March
  282. Realised the water pump booster in our shower sounds like a space craft taking off
  283. Watched the blonde haired woman from up the road walk past
  284. Bought a nest of tables
  285. Shopped for a new dinner service (unsuccessfully)
  286. Kept finding previously undiscovered bird boxes in our garden
  287. Almost missed our drive in the dark because Chris wasn't in next door
  288. Spotted cows in the field opposite our house
  289. Played Yahtzee
  290. Found a quicker route to John Lewis in High Wycombe
  291. Drove to Bletchley in the pouring rain, pitch black and howling wind on a Saturday night
  292. Spoke to a Jehovah Witnesses
  293. Visited the CyberCandy store
  294. Discovered you have a pulse in your nose
  295. Discovered that our cat can't type
  296. Received 3 free tickets to travel on the Chiltern Line
  297. Destroyed a sofa
  298. Did some yoga
  299. Played chess
  300. Debated watching 'Ladies in Lavender'
  301. Decided on our dog's name but haven't decided on getting a dog
  302. Had a polar bear quarantined
  303. Said the word 'Dude' far too often
  304. Had cat litter ordered in specially
  305. Bought a stack of sheep
  306. Scratched my head
  307. Walked down the stairs sideways
  308. Ground spice in a coffle grinder
  309. Learnt how to tell the difference between a ladybird and a harlequin
  310. Did some Zen calligraphy
  311. Went to a Cuban restaurant
  312. Saw the Queen
  313. Won some money at the bookies
  314. Watched every race but one of the F1 season
  315. Discovered gloss paint in the most unlikely of places
  316. Realized that the cursor keys on our keyboard aren't printed centrally
  317. Switched on the F-Lock
  318. Shoulder mounted the cat
  319. Cleaned a mouse with a screwdriver
  320. Hid from a trick-or-treater
  321. Had my hair cut
  322. Contemplated going into our garage for the first time
  323. Sold some items on EBay
  324. Edited several Wikipedia pages
  325. Planned a new web site
  326. Used a box of books as a bedside table
  327. Spent several evenings coming up with items for this post
  328. Bought a tuxedo
  329. Watched the cat attacking his auto-feeder
  330. Ate some chilli jam
  331. Fell asleep on our sofa
  332. Lost a ladybird
  333. Dreamt
  334. Went through the Channel Tunnel
  335. Spent the weekend in Paris
  336. Visited the Louvre
  337. Got very drunk
  338. Visited the Buddha Bar
  339. Accidentally spoke Swedish to a Frenchman
  340. Accidentally spoke Spanish to a Frenchman
  341. Bought some slate coasters
  342. Panicked as I realised that the petrol station wasn't open on Christmas Day
  343. Fixed the tree lights with a bit of foil
  344. Spent Christmas Day at my Mother-in-Law's
  345. Visited the Quadrants
  346. Listened to several podcast novels
  347. Was unimpressed by the John Lewis cheese room
  348. Changed the battery on a mobility scooter
  349. Was given a digital voice recorder by my dad
  350. Bought an old school pop-up telephone index machine
  351. Started a sock buying war
  352. Went to a race night at work
  353. Discovered Red Bull Cola is actually cloudy
  354. Received a round robin from neighbourhood watch
  355. Watched a waterfall form
  356. Curled my tongue
  357. Ran out of tissues
  358. Stood at the foot of the Eiffel Tower
  359. Made Ubuntu bootable from a USB stick
  360. Received a scarab beetle key-ring as a house warming present
  361. Counter-signed a neighbour's daughter's house sale
  362. Was offered an umbrella to share in the pouring rain by a complete stranger
  363. Bought a combination lock for my bike
  364. Gained more awareness of cyclists whilst I'm driving
  365. Cultivated a deep dislike for Ercol furniture design
  366. Heard a really good didgeridoo busker in Waterloo
  367. Visited a Bavarian fair
  368. Got an apology from Nat West home insurance
  369. Got charged 70p for using a debit card in Ikea for a transaction over £200
  370. Contemplated buying a Mac
  371. Dodged traffic at the Arc de Triumphe
  372. Got banned from a hotel
  373. Switched to Media Monkey
  374. Noticed that our MyBook external hard drive is covered in morse code
  375. Acquired a laser distance tool
  376. Cycled to the station at 05:30 with a full 55Ltr rucksack on my back
  377. Saw several low flying Chinooks
  378. Spell checked
  379. Ate cold pizza
  380. Built a 36TB Cluster
  381. Watched a collegue lose 38Kg in weight
  382. Ran over a transformer
  383. Discovered an art shop in Thame
  384. Bought an iPod Touch
  385. Sneezed
  386. Ate cheese before going to bed as an experiment
  387. De-legged and de-winged a chicken
  388. Hung a coconut feeder
  389. Fixed the outside light
  390. Handed Bekie a packet
  391. Had a shave
  392. Bought raffle tickets
  393. Went to Wales
  394. Resorted our music collection
  395. Re-resorted our music collection
  396. Bought a Zeppelin
  397. Archived some caches
  398. Bowled on the Wii
  399. Simpsonized myself
  400. Improvised when we ran out of real coffee at work
  401. Counted the number of footsteps to the local garage
  402. Watched a fly ball demonstration
  403. Visited a dog show
  404. Shopped for a dinner service (successfully)
  405. Demonstrated an iPod Touch to a customer in John Lewis
  406. Scraped Ice
  407. Froze a bottle of Irn Bru
  408. Ranted at the milk depot about HDPE bottles
  409. Figured out the changes to the recycling dates
  410. Bought some presents
  411. Finally opened the garage door for the first time
  412. Bit my nails
  413. Hosted a house warming party
  414. Kneaded dough
  415. Bled the radiators
  416. Read the gas and electric meters
  417. Made garlic bread
  418. Installed a new car stereo
  419. Got a mortgage
  420. Bet on the tennis
  421. Installed some Python eggs
  422. Wore waterproof trousers
  423. Trawled Oxford Street for some curtain hooks
  424. Bought some cashmere socks
  425. Installed and configured a bug tracking system
  426. Drew a picture
  427. Walked the cat
  428. Opened several bottles of wine
  429. Had a cold
  430. Took a taxi
  431. Rented some DVDs
  432. Took a purity test
  433. Started a Facebook group
  434. Played Laser Quest in woodland
  435. Jump started an Audi
  436. Bought a mini tornado
  437. Bounced on a space hopper
  438. Wore a wig, false moustache and glasses
  439. Eat some popping candy
  440. Hit a road block
  441. Held my breath through Bedfordshire
  442. Constructed a compost bin
  443. Jumped up and down
  444. Cycled in the fog
  445. Wrestled with the car's back seats
  446. Walked through Paddington Square Gardens
  447. Traveled on a dark train
  448. Polished the silver
  449. Ate an olive (still don't like them)
  450. Bounced on a trampette
  451. Wiped iTunes
  452. Got a copy of the 'I Ching'
  453. Bought some new aftershave
  454. Completed Sonic 1, 2, 3 a Sonic and Knuckles
  455. Watched the fireworks
  456. Evacuated some cellar spiders
  457. Became a beta tester
  458. Made a strange beeping noise
  459. Changed a shower head
  460. Found the stopcock (eventually)
  461. Defrosted my bike seat
  462. Gave up my tube seat to an old lady
  463. Had a nightmare
  464. Converted some video files for Marketing
  465. Burnt a saucepan
  466. Took my mother-in-law out for a bagel
  467. Counted Anthony Gormley statues
  468. Made a Chilli
  469. Ironed a shirt
  470. Got my throat slashed by the cat
  471. Unintentionally killed an Azalea
  472. Solved some maths problems
  473. Wiggled my leg
  474. Weighed myself
  475. Cooked way too much rice
  476. Texted the wrong Fiona
  477. Received text messages meant for someone else
  478. Fixed a drain pipe
  479. Bought a half empty can of Red Bull
  480. Attempted the impossible and failed
  481. Laughed at George Bush on a Segway
  482. Learnt how to avoid a trapped arm in bed
  483. Saw a ninja cat
  484. Wrote on a graffiti wall
  485. Chatted to the big boss about Malcolm McLaren
  486. Visited the alley
  487. Painted Bekie's nails
  488. Shouted very loudly
  489. Cut myself dissecting a chicken
  490. Thought about joining neighbourhood watch
  491. Drove through Hicksville whilst playing Hicksville
  492. Put my finger through an egg
  493. Got distracted
  494. Neatly avoid the flu
  495. Visited the dentist
  496. Parked illegally
  497. Bought a 15 watt pygmy
  498. Put the kettle on
  499. Drove without purpose
  500. Visited a car boot sale
  501. Miscalculated
  502. Got shouted at by the cat
  503. Bought a new red duvet cover
  504. Brushed the cat
  505. Had a bath
  506. Wrote my 7 things blog
  507. Rejected a job applicant for using the word 'leveraged' on his CV
  508. Discussed tesla coils
  509. Bought 3 bookcases
  510. Gave a presentation
  511. Photographed an Acorn Weevil
  512. Discussed chillis
  513. Squeaked
  514. Overslept
  515. Accidentally left a vendor in the server room during a fire drill
  516. Gave adobe feedback
  517. Scrobbled my iPod
  518. Returned a product to Comet that had a fundamental design flaw
  519. Lost some hooks
  520. Discovered muscles in my legs I didn't know I had
  521. Drove around a field
  522. Wrote with my left hand
  523. Played sonic on the tube not realising the volume wasn't muted
  524. Photographed a ramp
  525. Bought a DTMF dialler
  526. Laughed at the cat's ridiculous snoring
  527. Interviewed people
  528. Watched the Towersey Morris Men
  529. Fell off a scooter
  530. Sprained my thumb
  531. Complained to Ocado about a driver
  532. Purposely clapped out of time
  533. Pruned our ornamental fruit tree
  534. Tried a free organic orange cookie bite
  535. Sourced Terabytes of disk space
  536. Made a paper aeroplane
  537. Stopped wearing a pendant
  538. Snarled
  539. Let out a primal scream
  540. Watched a red plane looping-the-loop
  541. Entered a competition to win a camera
  542. Went on a barge
  543. Made several compilation CDs
  544. Became a proper coffee snob
  545. Played Topple
  546. Wiped some iPods of all data
  547. Sharpened knives
  548. Dug out wax
  549. Learnt new words
  550. Bought a new mouse
  551. Photographed puddles
  552. Got over my arachnophobia
  553. Lost a car park ticket
  554. Used a photo booth
  555. Redesigned my blog
  556. Watched countless progress bars
  557. Fixed some bugs
  558. Phoned the operator
  559. Tried butternut squash
  560. Stalked the bluebell pilgrims
  561. Picnicked
  562. Unblocked a sink
  563. Put a puffer fish in our toilet cistern
  564. Wore an alien
  565. Declined an extended warrantee
  566. Pitched 2 tents
  567. Bought a ladybird house
  568. Discovered Yarg
  569. Made popcorn
  570. Realised SPAM is MAPS backwards
  571. Advised a policeman
  572. Watched skateboarders
  573. Created a meme
  574. Moved desks (3 times)
  575. Saw Paul Merton
  576. Cut myself shaving
  577. Wore odd socks
  578. Had a Dexter marathon
  579. Found an almost duplicate posting in my blog!
  580. Made toast
  581. Played the bongos
  582. Filled a room with books
  583. Overshot the car
  584. Pumped up my bike tyres
  585. Stumbled around in the dark
  586. Hit my head
  587. Drank decaffe coffee
  588. DJed
  589. Saw an urban rat
  590. Admired the rime ice
  591. Visited the seaside
  592. Calibrated monitors
  593. Fixed the coffee machine
  594. Telephone interviewed a Portuguese coder
  595. Moved a doll's house
  596. Removed a door
  597. Updated Genius
  598. Battled with the wind
  599. Googled our competitors
  600. Lost my black hat
  601. Removed a bumper from my car
  602. Huffed
  603. Made tea
  604. Played tennis
  605. Caught paper butterflies
  606. Checked for duplicate entries
  607. Hung up on someone
  608. Recovered a hard drive
  609. Cleaned a virus from a computer
  610. Stayed up too late
  611. Ran out of Red Bull
  612. Balanced on one leg
  613. Made some moves
  614. Swallowed a bug
  615. Had a jacuzzi
  616. Heard Big Ben chime
  617. Joined the dots
  618. Doodled on Gordon Brown's face
  619. Waited
  620. Wrote a shopping list
  621. Had 2 birthdays
  622. Posed for a company photo
  623. Got new business cards
  624. Got involved in Purplegate
  625. Transferred my pension
  626. Fixed a mail server
  627. Watched the fish
  628. Got a headache
  629. Hung a picture
  630. Re-strung a guitar
  631. Watched a marching band
  632. Traversed across roofs
  633. Created an on-the-go play list
  634. Went to the hospital
  635. Was bitten
  636. Dried my socks on the radiator
  637. Fixed the curtains
  638. Watched the eurovision song contest
  639. Was occasionally unpredictable
  640. Did the Yamomo dance
  641. Settled in
  642. Dragged a sofa into the dining room and back
  643. Confused the cat
  644. Searched for the solution
  645. Searched the shed for a rolling pin which we knew we didn't have
  646. Popped some bubble wrap
  647. Spoke to strangers
  648. Guided a ball around a maze
  649. Pulled a cracker
  650. Got confused with someone else
  651. Wore many hats
  652. Used a pair of pants as a duster
  653. Rearranged my speakers
  654. Measured things
  655. Was proved right
  656. Was proved wrong
  657. Span a top
  658. Overheated the car
  659. Shredded important documents
  660. Rebooted my phone
  661. Drew an Uzamaki
  662. Directed a Japanese man to the police station
  663. Poked a penguin
  664. Told a joke
  665. Gave eco credit to the junior school
  666. Sold raffle tickets
  667. Read music
  668. Watched a juggler under a bridge
  669. Impersonated a female colleague over the phone
  670. Played follow the Audi
  671. Saw the Venus de Milo's bum
  672. Sat through 'Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Take-away'
  673. Fashioned a photography backdrop rig
  674. Picked spinach
  675. Re-enacted a scene from 'Wrong Turn'
  676. Asked people for lists of 7 things
  677. Broke the speed limit
  678. Took the wrong bag
  679. Sorted our lego into individual bags
  680. Ate fish and chips
  681. Argued about final versions
  682. Changed clothes
  683. Broke a bowl
  684. Attended a planning consultation
  685. Contemplated writing a book
  686. Bought a bigger bird feeder
  687. Found a supplier of local honey
  688. Hired two Martins
  689. Reported a broken drain and got it fixed
  690. Battened down the hatches
  691. Discussed the complexities of life
  692. Fed the cat over 1400 times
  693. Published 776 lists of 7 things
  694. Visited the British Legion
  695. Watched water droplets sliding down a telephone wire
  696. Made several maps
  697. Acted as an aftershave test subject
  698. Bought a shirt several sizes too big
  699. Got stuck in some knee deep mud
  700. Installed Windows 7 beta
  701. Found some money
  702. Created a messaging system
  703. Discussed sewage plants with a property developer
  704. Realised one of our neighbours has a crucifix on her wall
  705. Read the paper
  706. Was stuck in several traffic jams
  707. Tried to find our local pick your own before realising it closed 3 years ago
  708. Got a case of RSI
  709. Virtualised
  710. Discovered I don't like 'Hairy Goat's Cheese'
  711. Had a heart drawn on my hand
  712. Got a pay rise
  713. Got accosted by a chugger
  714. Wore a wok on my head
  715. Examined small areas of grass for life forms
  716. Was frisked
  717. Had 2 family bbqs
  718. Peered around several people's gardens
  719. Had my grammar corrected
  720. Thankfully said goodbye to our old way of life
  721. Forgot what I was going to say
  722. Discussed fabric colours
  723. Picked up other people's rubbish
  724. Rescued the cat from a neighbour's garden
  725. Cleaned the toilet
  726. Stubbed my toe
  727. Stayed at the Paris Hilton
  728. Was asked to interpret a collegue's dream
  729. Cheered at the central heating
  730. Laughed at a man falling asleep on the train (and I do mean falling)
  731. Double parked
  732. Smoked out the kitchen
  733. Visited the sales
  734. Streamed our music collection wirelessly
  735. Got hemmed in by a herd of cows
  736. Learnt about frisbee golf
  737. Visited the outlet tent in Kent
  738. Sent out invitations
  739. Mended the vacuum cleaner by taking it apart and putting it back together again
  740. Bagged some trig points
  741. Photographed mushrooms
  742. Blew bubbles
  743. Tracked someone's progress using their mobile phone and google maps
  744. Bought 2 secret Santa presents
  745. Weeded the garden
  746. Re-routed our phone cabling
  747. Received too many sales calls for the previous owner of the phone number
  748. Helped someone get his car out of the mud
  749. Corrected a typo in the title of one of my blog posts from 2007
  750. Had to convince someone that I wasn't Donovan
  751. Extracted a cat ball from a sub-woofer
  752. Was diverted
  753. Made a 'moving countdown chart'
  754. Drank at least 1000 litres of Red Bull
  755. Whinged about someone else's pre-vis efforts
  756. Discovered that 'Windows Key'+M shrinks all windows
  757. Walked up the spiral staircase at Goodge Street station
  758. Bought matching bedside lamps
  759. Defrosted the fridge
  760. Stuck my tongue out at the monkey cam
  761. Found 15 duplicate entries in this list
  762. Removed 'track 6'
  763. Got pins-and-needles
  764. Registered several domains
  765. Discussed home automation with 5 of the partners at work
  766. Saw the brightest moon
  767. Curdled soured cream
  768. Sewed a button onto a shirt
  769. Spooked a squirrel
  770. Investigated track leveling
  771. Realized our doorbell had stopped working
  772. Shivered
  773. Listened to the howling wind
  774. Forgot my train pass
  775. Was stopped by customs officials
  776. Caught a mouse
  777. Completed a list of 777 thing I've done since starting this blog


elephino said...

I made it! I'm not looking forward to the 7777th list :)

Gaiaspawn said...

Neither am I!

elephino said...

Not to worry, it's a bit over 19 years away. If you start now, you might make it.