Tuesday, 3 February 2009 7 unusual English customs

  1. February (date varies) : Blessing the Throats - St Ethelreda, London: Two candles are tied together and touched on the necks of sore throat sufferers.
  2. Whit Sunday : Bread and Cheese Throwing - St Briavels, Gloucestershire: Following evensong on Whit Monday, basketfuls of bread and cheese are thrown from a wall near the old castle, to be scrambled for in a lane below.
  3. Spring bank holiday Monday : Cheese Rolling - Cooper's Hill, Brookworth, Goucestershire: Annual tradition of rolling a 7lb Double Gloucester cheese down a very steep hill. The fastest wins the cheese.
  4. June (date varies) : Nettle Eating Contest - Marsham, Dorset: 30 challengers attempt to out eat the current nettle-eating champion
  5. July (last Monday) : Swan Upping - River Thames, London: The Dyers and Vintner's Companies have the right, established in medieval times, to keep swans on the Thames River. Every year the Queen's Swan Keeper and Swan Markers from the two livery companies row in skiffs along the river to mark the cygnets.
  6. August (date varies) : Scarecrow Festival - Kettlewell, Yorkshire: Scarecrows are made and displayed around the village by local people.
  7. October (2nd Sunday) : World Conker Championships - Ashton, Northamptonshire: The largest and most prestigious conker championship in the World.


elephino said...

Time for my Monty Python (amongst others who've done this) impression...

Number 3: There is no number 3.

Gaiaspawn said...

Oops, there was a 3, I did a <li> when I should have done a </li> :D Thanks for spotting that!

alan said...

Hi ,
And we thought we had most things to do and places to go on our pages. http://www.allaboutgoingout.com/dorsetthings.php WE will have to add the nettle eating contest immediately. Any other strange items falling within Dorset, Hampshire & The Isle of Wight would be welcome additions too.